Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil - 100% certified organic product. Produced by steam distillation of fresh Lavender flowers /Lavandula Angustifolia/.
Lavender essential oil contains: linalilatsetat, Linalool, geraniol, borneol, tsineol, pinene, camphor, coumarin, etc. Most valuable is linalilatsetatat, depending on growing conditions -  this ester ranges from 30 to 60%. Bulgarian lavender oil is characterized by durable fine aroma.
Lavender oil is yellow-green on color. Well preserved, it has a strong, intensely flavored aroma, which slightly differs from the flavor of flowers.
The delicate scent of lavender oil is mainly due to its esters. Essential oil has 2 ester of which depends on its smell, the most important is linalilatsetatat, the second lilalilbutirat. Lavender oil is estimated by chemical analysis defining the content of these esters.
Also used in perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and aromatherapy. At home it`s often used for relaxation and calming.

Lavender water - 100% certified organic product produced by distillation of the lavender flowers. It cleans and tones the facial skin. Used for burns, allergies, against insect bites.