About our factory

"Viola" company was established in 1990 with a main subject of business: collecting, drying and processing of cultivated and wild collected herbs, dried fruits and spices. Since 1997 it has expanded its activities in cultivating essential-oils crops.
“Viola” company owns its own land with plantations of lavender, lemon balb /Melissa/, mentha pipperita, chamomile, marigold, Valerianae, dandelion.
The processes of establishing, maintaining and cultivating the plantations are in accordance with the basic requirements and principles of the organic farming without the use of pesticides and ensuring environmental protection - a guarantee for the purity and quality of our products.
The main facility of the company is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria in the old capital – Preslav, a region with proven environmental cleanliness. Now the company invests in the purchase of modern machinery for cutting and removing the herb`s ash. Our goal and constant striving is to be the most competitive on the international market.


Many types of common herbs found in Bulgaria and other countries with temperate climates, but after laboratory analysis it is found that the composition is different from those in Bulgaria. The unique consistence is based on the resources of our country such as sunshine, climate and soil.
Special skills are needed for cultivation, collection and storage of herbs.
Our company offers a wide variety of wild and cultivated herbs typical for Bulgaria. Big part of them are used as medicinal plants. Most of the modern medicine products are herbal-based. Herbs are used in food additives in perfume and cosmetics and food industry.
The process collecting, drying, further processing, storage conditions and storage of the herbs are under constant observing and strict control.Purity check is made for each batch, also is made control and testing for minimum content of an active components.


Dragi Fermieri si Crescatori din Romania,
Salutari din Bulgaria -cel mai mare producator de ulei de lavanda ( levantica) si rasaduri.
Suntem incantati sa va oferim rasaduri de o calitate superioara direct de la producator din Bulgaria.
 Calitate garantata si o gama larga si variata de soiuri.De aseamenea informatii si instructiuni despre cum sa va creati propria ferma,diferite tipuri de cultivare,sfaturi despre intregul proces si chiar asistenta in a va construi propriul proiect .
 Acceptam comenzi pentru rasaduri in toamna lui 2015 si primavara lui 2016 .De asemenea si pentru proiecte viitoare dupa primavara lui 2016.
 Preturile sunt negociabile si sunt disponibile reduceri pentru comenzi mari .De asemenea se pot comanda diferite soiuri intr o singura comanda.
 In functie de comanda se poate asigura transport in diferite locatii din Romania.

   Ne puteti contacta la : 
       email : sales@viola.bg
       tel:       +359897749149
              d-nul Anton Kanchev 
Ne gasiti pentru mai multe detalii si intrebari si pe www.viola.bg

Dear Romanian Farmers and Growers,

Greetings from Bulgaria – the biggest producer of high quality Lavender oil and seedlings (Lavandula angustifolia).

We are glad to offer you high quality seedlings directly from the producer in Bulgaria!
Guaranteed quality and different sort variety. We also offer know-how information and instructions on creating your farms, types of agricultural work process and even building your own project for a lavender farm.

We accept orders for sawing seedlings in the autumn of 2015 and spring time of 2016. Or even for future projects after 2016 spring.

Prices are under negotiation as we do offer discounts for larger orders or a mix of varieties and even transport to various locations in Romania.

You can contact us at: sales@viola.bg or by phone at: + 359 897 749 149 – Mr. Anton Kanchev!
www.viola.bg will be waiting for your call of email!


"25 years into Organic  ". This is the moto of the annual organic edution of the biggest Organic exibition in Europe and the world.Viola Ltd. was represented be three specialists in the field of wolrd trade business, certifications and production of organic raw materials and essential oils from wild collection and organic agriculture.Thanks to the maintained high quality standard, the company continues to keep stable possitions all around the world as well as attracking new customers in conjuction to it's good collection and production practices in the organic wild collected herbs and organic agriculture fields. The ever increasing rate of exibitioners and visitors with interest to organic products and productiion is a sign for the also increasing organic product variation in the world - over 30% of the sold products are organic certified or with are added organic products. It's time to say to you all that are reading : "     Go Wild         Go Organic! ".

05 JUNE 2013

Today we celebrate the International Day for the preservation of the environment, which is the most important and well-known global day for positive environmental actions. The celebration began in 1972 to become today one of the main ways through which the United Nations draws international attention to the environment. Viola Ltd. works with wild herbs and products from its creation and our goal has always been to protect the environment from the harmful effects of industry or overuse. The basic policy of our company is to support, through well-developed methods for collecting, plant populations without harming their number. Viola is also involved in the research on the conservation of the wild plant variety and maintains stable populations by examining the locations of the collection to update the data collection and the effects of natural factors. Company motto that ensures, purity and originality of the products we offer "From Nature we bring health and beauty to the people"


With the start of spring and the "awakening of nature from hibernation" Viola Ltd. launches new season collection 2013.Because of the favorable and sufficient rainfall, through the winter, is expected to increase the amount of collectable herbs and the personal yields inciting of the firm. Viola Ltd. also is still taking orders for the new season and enjoys strong Bulgarian and foreign interest in all its products as the last in 2012, when over 80% of our production was export oriented out of Bulgaria. Viola Ltd. wishes you a smiling, warm and welcoming spring.